Supportive Verbiage Replacements

Replace: Good Job with I saw that! or You did it! Also, it is helpful to draw the attention to what just happened “I saw you climbed down all by yourself!” or “You got it open on your own, how about that!”

Replace: Say Please or What do you say? with You would like some more please? I would be happy to give you more.

Replace: What’s wrong? with It looks like you are having some feelings. How can I help you?

Replace: I said, NO! or Don’t with I am not offering that right now or this is not available (then tell why it is not available and then what is available)

Replace: Please stop playing with that, you will get hurt. with I see you want to play with this, I am not offering this because it is not safe.(then find something similar that is safe as an option)

Replace: Get down from there! or Careful! with It is not safe to climb on that, please come down. or I am going to help you come down because that is not safe.

Replace: I can’t help you. with I am not available right now but I promise I will let you know when I am.

Replace: Don’t hit! or Don’t Bite with I won’t let you bite them or I won’t let you hit them, me, her, him, etc but I can find something for you that is safe to bite or hit.

Replace: Please be quiet! with That volume is hurting my ears, I am happy you are having fun or expressing your feelings, will you please use a softer voice? (Say this while using a whisper and use your hand to show a lower volume)

Sarah AlperinComment