Are you a State Licensed Facility? Do you have background checks done for your assistant teachers?

I sure am! The Little Village is fully inspected and licensed by the state of California. Lic#197493464

It is mandatory that any person in the state of California, running a state facility receive a complete livescan, fingerprint, FBI background check. All my assistant teachers and anyone entering the premises on a regular basis must also have an FBI Background check as well as be up to date on all vaccinations. Any one working at TLV is also current on their Infant/Child CPR & Choking Certification.

Does my child need to be vaccinated? 

Yes. The Little Village adheres to California state regulations when it comes to vaccines. All children under TLV care must have vaccination cards on file or a doctor's health exemption excluding them from vaccines due to valid health risk.

What is your teacher/child ratio?

Most days I have 1 teacher for every 3 children~

What happens if my child bites or is bitten, hits or is hit?

Children are sponges for learning. When they express themselves physically, there is an opportunity to support them by teaching them that their feelings are valid while modeling safe and healthy ways to express themselves and learning to control their natural impulses~ Hitting, biting, taking toys away from peers and over all domineering behavior is a natural stage of development in toddlers. Their peer response supports them in learning cause and effect specific to relationships and also helps them feel all sorts of feelings. I mimic the RIE approach by holding my arm between the children and saying softly, "I won't let you hit her/him but I can offer you a pillow that you can hit." Overtime children will naturally go to the pillow to express their frustration rather than hitting their peer while learning that expressing your feelings is not only ok, but healthy. I will keep you informed of the daily interactions especially if bitting or hitting has happened.

Does my child need to be Potty Trained before coming to TLV?

Every child is different and every child knows when they are ready to start using the bathroom. I will happily change diapers until your child begins to show interest in transitioning from diaper to toilet and then together we (parents and myself) will discuss how we can collaborate a consistent plan while your child is potty training. No pressure. No tricks. Only acceptance of your child's individual comfort level and potty curiosity.

My child has an allergy. Can they still come?

It would depend. I serve fresh, organic, healthy, energy sustaining foods to the children. This includes the protein and natural fat packed nuts. Most days I serve a snack of Cashews, Raisins and Mary's Crackers. My hope is that all children are able to attend TLV but I could not guarantee they wouldn't come into contact with a nut at some point and so we would need to discuss this in detail before enrollment.

How can I participate as a parent?

I offer "Parent Visit Days" and on these days a parent or two may join us to help with a group craft or be the reader for story time. The children LOVE when parents join us and it is a wonderful way for you to feel involved and also get to experience a TLV daily flow. I send out an email of available dates at the beginning of each month and you can reserve your space ahead of time.

Do I still pay if my child is absent or is sick and cannot attend? If I miss a day can I make it up another day?

Yes to the first, no to the second. This policy is pretty consistent with most child care providers. When you pay your child's tuition that guarantees his/her spot is available and his/her specific needs will be met and prep is done ahead of time. You are paying to reserve and guarantee your child has a space. Unfortunately I do not offer swaps to another day. If there is space and you want to add another day, you may do so for an additional cost.

How much notice do you ask for a change of schedule or termination of enrollment.

One Month~ It is helpful when you want to permanently switch your child's weekly schedule (and I have availability) if you let me know one month in advance. Also if you are moving or your child is headed to a different school I require one full calendar month's notice and more would be helpful. In the event notice is given in the middle of the month, notice begins the first of the next full month.

Can my child nap there?

I do have a nap room and nap option is available upon crib availability. Children tend to nap well here. (most days) I ask for a crib sheet from home and I then mimic their home nap routine so that they feel safe and secure in this new nap environment. Napping tends to go a little easier in a social environment because they are so exhausted from physical play and mental learning. By nap time, they are ready to rest.

What do you serve to eat and when?

It is in my best interest to put healthy, fresh food into your child's system because they will then have a brain balanced source of energy to learn and play. Also, we are modeling healthy habits right now so why not give them healthy foods there bodies will learn to crave?

Food Schedule:

  • 8:00am Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs in Ghee and Fresh Fruit or Fruit & Yogurt Smoothies or Granola and Almond Milk

  • 9:30am Snack - Cashews/Walnuts, Raisins and Mary's Crackers

  • 11:00am Lunch - Brown rice pasta & Steamed Broccoli or Turkey Sandwich & Raw Carrots or Quinoa or Veggie Soup

  • 12:30pm Snack - Cashews/Walnuts and Banana

Each meal is served at the table with warm wash cloths dipped in soapy water and fresh lavender. The children learn to clean there own hands and help serve their friends to create community and care amongst meals and snacks

Will my child get dirty?

Yes, Very! My outside environment is designed for a growing toddlers development and shoes are optional. I have sand and dirt and a water pump for them to learn about texture and explore sensory development. If I have time I will clean them up before pick up but it is likely they will have dirty and well utilized feet and clothing when you arrive to get them. I can wash clothes if they get too dirty and if there is time to swap but it's possible they will be fresh from a day of outside play.