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January 12th - February 16th 9am - 11am

(Every Saturday for 6 consecutive Saturday's)


Clicking RESERVE will route you to my RSVP PAGE~ Please complete the info and let me know you would like to reserve a space for this class. RSVP is a MUST. You will not be confirmed for attendance until you have completed the RSVP and paid in full for class.

Hello Mommas & Pappas!

TLV Baby Class is designed for babies 12 Months - 20 Months to develop healthy social interaction and begin the first stage of care giver attachment if they plan to attend my pre school prep program. 

Because a parent is also present, you will learn more about your child's development stages and true physical ability and needs. It is a great opportunity to ask me questions about development and learn a respectful and child focused style of support and communication. (Influenced by RIE© & Waldorf)

It is better for the little ones to keep these classes small  so availability is limited.  (4 Families each class)

WHEN: Weekend Mornings 9am - 11am for 6 consecutive weeks (Dates will vary)

This Baby Class is designed for your baby to learn/experience:

  • How to sit and stay at a table on a chair to eat a healthy snack

  • They will have the freedom to safely crawl, climb and balance on their own to develop healthy relationship with their own physical capability.

  • They will receive positive social interaction/guidance  

This Baby Class is designed for you, the parent, to learn/experience:

  • How much more capable your child is socially and physically when you give them the space to do things by themselves

  • How to better support them within their natural development 

  • Any thing you would like support with relating to child care & child development 

*One parent, per child/children may participate. If you want to rotate so that both parents can come to Baby Class that is cool. Please give me advanced notice week to week. 

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