Oh man has our outdoor space been a labor of love. I wanted to create an outdoor environment that was both beautiful and developmentally supportive to the children.

My backyard space has:

  • a water cascade table

  • a tree stump tree swing

  • a mud kitchen

  • a giant sand box

  • a climbing dome with swing

  • hay bales for climbing and sitting

  • outdoor chalkboard wall

  • a climbing tree

    I encourage the children to get into the dirt, sand and water and to get dirty in order to fully experience the outdoors and learn about nature and natural textures. 


Our garden is plentiful, most seasons. I like to show the children a garden flush with fruit and veggies so they have the experience of watching food grow and getting to pull it off the vine to nourish yourself. They are very active in planting, tending and watering the garden. We pick fresh strawberries and other veggies as well as fresh herbs for the veggie soup we make together.