Hours 8am - 3pm

Available Time Frames

9am - 1pm Pre School / Pre School Prep

1pm - 3pm Enrichment

9am - 3pm Pre School / Prep & Enrichment

8am - 9am Breakfast Add on


Baby Class  12 Months - 20 Months

Designed for babies to develop healthy social interaction and begin the first stage of care giver transference if they plan on attending my pre school prep program.  

Because a parent is also present you will learn more about your child's development stages and true physical ability and needs. It is a great opportunity to ask me questions about development and learn RIE© style support and communication. I like to keep these classes small to support the children so availability is limited.  

Mornings 9am - 11am for 6 consecutive weeks  


Pre School Prep Program 16 months - 2 1/2 years

A slower paced environment full of pre school type activities that support your little one's current development stage. They will have the space to adapt at their own pace, fostering trust, confidence, mental, physical and emotional growth. 

The Pre School Prep will support development of  the skills needed to walk into their next school with the confidence and physical strength necessary to create a positive experience and healthy relationship with a new social environment ~

All teachers practice RIE Style respectful interaction

EASY BREEZY INTRO SCHEDULE 16 months - 2 years

2 days / 3 hours per day $580.00  


9am - 1pm 3 Days $960.00

9am - 1pm 5 Days $1600.00

8am - 9am Breakfast (additional)

Pre School Program 2 Years - 5 Years

Designed to sharpen your little one's growing development and prepare them for Kindergarten. We offer a tighter daily structure of activities including Arts & Crafts, Indoor & Outdoor Free Play, healthy social peer support and interaction, activities that support community life skills like veggie chopping, dishwashing and serving food to your peers. We transition from activity to activity with Waldorf songs and the day begins with a Morning circle and ends with a Good Bye circle to foster community ritual reliability.

The children learn about numbers and letters through play activities that create ease in learning. We promote relaxation through foot rubs and by introducing meditation techniques. 

All teachers practice RIE Style respectful interaction


9am - 1pm 3 Days $960.00

9am - 1pm 5 Days $1600.00

8am - 9am Breakfast (additional)

ENRICHMENT Monday - Friday 1pm - 3pm

The Enrichment Program is designed to inspire your child’s imagination through Indoor & Outdoor Free Play, Crafts, Healthy Socialization & Story telling.

Enrichment is designed for all age groups and is ideal for families eager to provide a space for their little one to practice stretching their abilities, physical and emotional confidence and bond with their peers. A slightly slower pace as it is later in the day.

Common Enrichment Activities: Yoga, Gardening, Music Inspiration, Drawing, Crafts, Chopping Veggies, Outdoor Free play, Indoor Free Play, Singing & Waldorf Style Story Telling. Snack Included, Dinner Add on (Optional)

All teachers practice RIE Style respectful interaction


1pm - 3pm 3 Days $400.00 Monthly

1pm - 3pm 5 Days $650.00 Monthly

Breakfast & Dinner Add On

All food is fresh, organic and made to order. Meals are served at the table with placemats, fresh flowers and lavender/soap wash cloths for hand washing.

Breakfast 8am - 9am (breakfast cut off is 8:15am, if child is dropped off after 8:15am breakfast will no longer be available and it will be important to provider breakfast for your child prior to drop off)

Breakfast Foods Served

  • Scrambled Eggs & Blueberries

  • Granola and Plain Yogurt

  • Fruit Smoothies

  • Spinach egg omlet and Banana Slices

SUMMER CAMP 2020 Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm

Enrollment for Summer camp is for current TLV Families only

June 8th - June 26th

July 6th - July 24th



We will work on whatever you need during that time frame. It is helpful to know your needs in advance so I can best support you during our 2 hour session.

Home Consultations are great for:

  • Gaining deeper insight into your child’s developmental & behavioral needs

  • Boundary Setting

  • Play Space Design

  • General Behavioral Support

  • Routine Importance & Support

  • Supportive understanding of RIE child care method

Phone Consult Available $75.00 (30 - 40 min)

In Home Consult $250.00 (3 Hours)


Fun and full of helpful information about child development, RIE© Communication style. It is a safe, judgment free space for you to share, ask questions and bond with like minded parents. I offer several different workshops and can customize a workshop for you. 

Please contact me if you are interested in attending a TLV Workshop~