Teacher Sarah

Owner, Director

It was always my dream to create a nurturing space for children and a learning platform for parents. I feel so lucky that I get to live this life everyday. I take it as a great honor and responsibility to be a teacher to these little people and a resource to parents. I always felt child care environments where missing an opportunity to pull the parents down in to their children's experiences and learn more about their development so they would feel a mutual respect for each other. It is my commitment to support you and your child so that everyone feels grounded, confident and grows while in my care.


Teacher Kate

Lead T/A

Kate is from St.Louis, MO. She studied Early Childhood Education at Saint Louis Community College- Meremac while working as a Pre-School Teacher, Tutor, and Summer Camp Counselor at St.Paul's Early Childhood Center and Elementary School. "For as long as I can remember I have felt pulled towards childcare and psychology and am very excited to continue my pursuit of knowledge in these fields while contributing to such a beautiful school environment as The Little Village. "


Teacher Kristen

Kristen grew up in the rainy Pacific Northwest. She has worked with children for the past six years, studied early childhood education at UCLA, and continues to further her understanding of child development through workshops and opportunities like the NAEYC conferences. Kristen is passionate about the RIE/Waldorf philosophies and strives to foster curiosity, wonder, awe, and compassion towards the world and others in all of her interactions with children. She is excited to join the community at The Little Village where she is sure to continue to grow and learn from both the children and the teachers.