"We transferred to TLV from our ‘hard to get into’ popular weho preschool after the class size doubled and proved to be too much of a stressful environment for our daughter. Sarah had already proven to be my go-to person to help calm my parenting anxieties for the past few years, so moving to TLV was the obvious choice for us. Since starting TLV only a month ago our almost 4 yo daughter has been calmer at home, more polite and helpful, and way more self confident. TLV’s emotionally supportive and calm environment has allowed my daughter to be more of her authentic self. We could not be more grateful.”

Danika & Jeffrey

“From the moment Teacher Sarah came to our house for a home visit, her astute assessments and practical advice have given us a wonderful new set of tools with which to communicate with our son. We were new to RIE but once we started implementing some of Sarah’s suggestions we noticed changes immediately. We started with Baby Class at TLV and enjoyed watching our son’s independence grow. When he moved on to half days at TLV we could not have been more impressed and awed by his transformation. He truly loves TLV. Our son’s confidence and language skills have blossomed thanks to Teacher Sarah’s steady and loving guidance. Teacher Sarah has created an amazing community of children, parents, and teachers and we feel so fortunate to be a part of it.  We could not be more grateful.”

Kate & Wayne Robbins

“We're SO happy we found TLV! From very early into Teacher Sarah's first interactions with our child, we knew we'd found the perfect caregiver for us. We've been practicing RIE since our son was born, and really struggled to find caregivers whose approach was harmonious with that. Sarah consistently conveys complete respect for the kids, a thoughtful firmness around necessary boundaries, and a deep kindness. Watching her for even just a few minutes, we felt such gratitude that our family would be able to have her in our lives. Child care is not just about filling the hours of our son's day, it's about having another adult guide the way he learns about the world and experiences social interactions, and having an experienced caregiver help guide us as parents when we need a little extra support and input. We feel so lucky to have found someone who is so very intentional and patient with the kids, and whose approach is so well-aligned with our own. We couldn't recommend TLV highly enough!”

Eleanor & John

“From the moment we first learned about TLV it felt like something was very different.  Sarah was the only facility we toured who really wanted to know about our son— and then came to our house to witness what our parenting style was at home. What stood out to me from that first meeting was how she could at once be completely supportive and non judgmental, yet be such a resource at the same time for the questions that are always popping up for parents.  In that hour meeting, we picked up so many small parenting tips and tricks — nothing radical — more strategies for making our little one feel heard, respected and like a person and as we started employing those strategies we saw the way he benefitted. That experience alone was so different than the daycares and pre-schools we toured, that we pretty much made our minds that we wanted to go with a place where we would both be enriched in tandem.'“

Miriam & Gabriel

“We feel so lucky to have found a home at TLV. Teacher Sarah radiates warmth, compassion and understanding. We feel safe and secure knowing our daughter is in such good hands.  She has been so supportive of us as new parents and of our daughter in her growth and development. It is such a happy, fun and magical environment for our daughter to explore.  She just loves it! Teacher Sarah is so good at communicating and answering any questions, which as new parents are never ending!! We love getting picture updates of our little one throughout the day. It is just incredible to see how much she has grown in the short time she has been at TLV.  Her language and communication skills have exploded!  We can't recommend TLV enough. It is truly a wonderful place filled with so much love.”

Michael & Nicole 

"Our son has benefited immensely from attending TLV. He’s more social than he ever was; he follows rules, guidelines and instructions more effortlessly now; his language skills exploded and he communicates better. Sarah is so wonderful! She’s intelligent, patient, really well versed in RIE principles, all the children love and respect her. My husband and I continue to grow and learn a lot from Sarah and enjoy the feedback she takes the time to give us on our sons progress. We absolutely love it here!!!”

Emilie Goldblum

"If you come across Sarah and include her in your spinning orbit, consider yourself already ahead of the parenting game! Sarah responded to my needs immediately - before my in-home consultation occurred. She was available to answer my questions promptly via text, which any parent can narrate, is incredibly helpful! Her vast knowledge, instant connection and whole-hearted awareness to my 2 year old and newborn sons developments created a comfortable environment for our family. Our time together was very thorough and covered multiple topics - discipline, sibling relationships, bedroom organization, meal time routines and everyday dynamics. I look forward to learning more from Sarah. She is definitely saved as a favorite in my contacts!"

Leona Mizrah

“Our family feels so blessed to have found Sarah and The Little Village as a wonderful complement to our RIE parenting style. Sarah cares so deeply for the children there and is so patient to make sure each one feels loved, supported and are given the space to grow into their own unique human being.  Not only has our daughter become more confident, independent and understanding, but Sarah has helped us better empower her by constantly teaching us improved ways to approach parenting and communication.  It really is the best of both worlds – our little girl has a safe, fun, social environment she loves where she is cared for and given freedom to evolve and imagine, while we get the benefit of Sarah’s wisdom and generosity to discover how best to serve our daughter’s needs and development.  We can’t more highly recommend Teacher Sarah for her kindness, knowledge, and the warm, wonderful space she’s created for these lucky children."

Sarah & Jesse

“Our 2 years old twins girls have been at The Little Village since they were 18 Months. We feel so blessed and thankful to have Teacher Sarah teaching and showing our daughters all type of activities and play while in the best environment we could dream of. We have seen a tremendous difference in our daughters, They have learned so much this past year, specifically how to be more independent, more social, patient and confident. They are so happy to go to "school" everyday at The Little Village. Teacher Sarah is also always available for us, as parents, if we have any questions. She helps us so much learn how to communicate better with them. I highly recommend The Little Village. There is no better place for your child to grow while in a fun, creative, peaceful, environment full of love.”

Alexia & Gary Suid

"Since having our son at The Little Village, we have experienced a world of difference in him. He has learned to listen better, communicate effectively, and have peer social interaction that he did not have before as an infant. He began to really enjoy going to see the other children, and having a place to play and learn through open exploration. I especially loved how through teacher Sarah, he was able to learn lessons and boundaries just by simple actions and speaking to him in the right language. As a parent, I also learned how to better understand him and communicate with him as he was entering toddler stage. This has been such a great step for our family, and we are so thankful that we discovered The Little Village and their devotion to children at this precious time in their growth."

Gwynne & Mike

"When our daughter was born, I came across an article about the RIE approach to parenting and it really resonated with us.  I found out about Sarah and The Little Village on a RIE group and I tracked her down.  From the begin of my interactions with Sarah, I was astounded by her communication and clarity.  Sarah is wonderful about giving updates on what is going on with the kids and you can tell she really loves her job and loves the children. Our daughter has truly blossomed and speaks so much better in the few months she's been there.  We love getting photo updates via text and following the instagram page.  We are very thankful to have found Teacher Sarah and The Little Village."

Jenny & James

"The Little Village is a treasure. My daughter felt comfortable with Sarah almost immediately and so did I. She is a warm, kind teacher who really gets to know each child so that she can meet their individual needs. She gave me and my daughter the time and support to feel secure in the environment. I feel completely at ease leaving my daughter in her care and can see how much fun she is having there from the text updates and photos that Sarah sends throughout the day. As a RIE family, I so appreciate Sarah's respectful communication with my daughter and all of the children in her care. She has put a lot of thought and time into creating a fun, safe, and nurturing environment for the children. I feel lucky that my daughter’s first daycare experience is with The Little Village."

Julie Stevens

"The Little Village is everything we had hoped for in a childcare and so much more! We've raised our son RIE since he was born, and the transition from our home to full time care with Sarah was seamless. She is kind, compassionate and full of a deep respect for each child’s development and social emotional growth. On the days he isn’t at The Little Village, he talks about his time with Teacher Sarah, Teacher Karen, and all of his friends. Our son is truly thriving here and we are so happy to have found such a special place! " 

Simone Paz

"We feel so lucky to have found the little village for our daughter's care. The indoor and outdoor spaces are amazing and well put together with appropriate toys that encourage creativity. Sarah is a very compassionate, caring, and educated caregiver. She respects every single child and their needs are her priority. We couldn't feel more comfortable leaving our daughter with her. Our daughter loves going to TLV and constantly talking about Teacher Sarah and her friends at school. The little village is a fun, and nurturing environment that we are so grateful to be a part of and can't recommend it enough."

Henga & Ivan Bartha

"My husband and I feel so blessed and lucky to have found Sarah Alperin and The Little Village. Sarah respects every child in her care and treats them with compassion and honesty. She cares for our daughter with unwavering patience and kindness and truly respects our daughter as an individual. Teacher Sarah, as our daughter calls her, has created a safe and fun space for children to discover who they are and how they function in the world when their parents aren't around. Each interaction our daughter has with Sarah is a lesson in how to be a self-sufficient, confident, capable, thoughtful human in this world. Not only have we seen our daughter grow tremendously since she started attending The Little Village, my husband and I have also grown as parents and as people. I can't recommend The Little Village enough!!"

Marisol Parea